We are grateful to Massive Black as a sponsor for A World of Circus photo, makeup, and illustration contests.

Massive Black is an industry leader in producing illustration, concept art, pitch materials, design, storyboarding, marketing materials, 3D animation, and IP. The studio is deeply rooted in the film, television, and video games industries.

The studio’s skillset has since been sought after by some of today’s largest companies. Working in interactive entertainment, film, advertising, print, merchandising and more, Massive Black has contributed digital artwork for clients such as Riot Games, Coca Cola, A&E, Disney, FOX, Sony, Electronic Arts, Blizzard, Y&R, Unity Technologies and many more.

MB also runs the longest running and most successful set of concept art workshops in North America.

Some of their leading artists include...

  • Coro
  • Jason Chan
  • Wesley Burt
  • and many more
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