Renee Robyn


We are honoured to present Renee Robyn as a judge for A World of Circus photo, makeup, and illustration contests. Renee will be a judge of our category of curiousities, the, Bazaar of the Bizarre.

Renee Robyn's style is an ethereal combination of fact and fiction, merging together expertly shot photographs of unique and interesting subjects and using hours of meticulous retouching. Through Photoshop and her artistic vision, Renee creates easily recognizable imagery that is both stunning and distinctively her own. Renee specializes in fashion, fetish, and creative beauty photography, and does collaborative projects with many other photographers. She currently travels and teaches workshops around the world.

Renee comes from a long lineage of artists, with her fathers photography spurring her sense of photographic adventure, and her mother’s standards as a skilled sketch artist. She has over eleven years of experience as a professional model with a massive network built from her years of navigating social media.