Jaime Ibarra


We are honoured to present Jaime Ibarra as a judge for A World of Circus photo, makeup, and illustration contests. Jaime will be judging in our feature photography category, A World of Circus.

I am a Professional Portrait/Art Photographer, but I am also known to do Editorial, Fashion, Commercial and Advertising work.

My ‘style’ is the visual amalgamation of over 15 years in Graphic Design, 25 years of composing & performing music, many years spent traveling around the planet, a lifetime of over-romanticizing things, insomnia, an inexplicable ability to hear what colours would sound like if they could sing (Synaesthesia, anyone?), an unfaltering fascination with humans, and an obsessive need to create.

It all adds up. Somehow.

You can buy limited edition pieces of Jaime's work Here

If you visit Jaime's Site you can learn from one of his many tutorials.

  • Video Recording
  • Mega texture Pack
  • A Personalized Master Class
  • Background modification Tutorial
  • Color Grading Tutorial
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