Josh Rossi


We are honoured to present Josh Rossi as a judge for A World of Circus photo, makeup, and illustration contests. Josh will be a judge of our category Performers.

Josh Rossi is a photographer and retoucher who specializes in creatively stylized photos. He uses compositing and special effects to make his photos look incredibly unique. Over time he has developed the Josh Rossi technique – a method of creating a “painted” look on photos. He is the founder of tutorial site and the photo blog dubs him one of the top 10 photographers on the internet.

Josh has a host of clients from Adobe, Lindsay Stirling, Wacom, Mountain Dew, The Wall Street Journal and the list goes on. In his bio Rossi says - "Whenever I create an image I try to think of a story behind it. I want my viewer to get into the picture and imagine a whole story. What brings me joy is when I can inspire others to do bigger and greater things. My studio is currently located in Salt Lake City, Utah where I specialize in commercial and advertising photography."

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