A World of Circus photography with Cliff Baise

Cliff Baise embodies what we seek in the circus creative photography. His eye for finding a unique perspective, discovering that colorful or playful thing, and his exploration of that which is different. It’s why we had to recruit him as a judge for our World of Circus Category of the photo contests.

This Texas native also draws, paints, and creates stained glass. He pursues art in every aspect of his life. When he’s not working for significant clients, you can find him relaxing at Burningman or globe trotting to document this world in his own eyes. Never stop shooting Cliff because we love your stuff.

Thrilling DayLo


Phone Home


Bethany with ButterfliesLo

Capitol ReflectionLo

Daughters of the Queen

Milky Way over Bear LakeLo

Neon Warrior

New Years EveLo

Renee Austin_v2

The TimekeeperLo

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