Makeup artist Jacquie Jeffery is Vintage Quality

Jacquie_HeadShot_BWWe wanted to share a Q&A we had with Jacquie Jeffery the pro business manager for our sponsor Make Up For Ever Canada, a judge in our makeup contest, and the organizer of the Toronto vintage society.
What is your creative process?
“When I know I have an upcoming project, I let my environment inspire me. I look for colour combinations in nature, then google some key words to help take it further. Next comes a face chart, but I am always ready for the morphology of the models face to help change the dynamic of the look based on her structure. I often just let myself go into any direction the makeup and face takes me.”183079_10150413109500397_6329646_n

How did you become a makeup artist?
“My uncle worked for a cosmetic company, one day he dropped off a laundry basket full of makeup and brushes. I wanted to be a fashion designer and was involved in the school fashion shows, so I experimented with the makeup to help complete the look for “my collections”. I was very “matchy-matchy” back then…and even still now. Matching the colours I used on their eyes to the clothing I designed. I instantly loved it. My high school was for the fine arts, so there were plenty of departments (drama, music theatre, photography) where I could lend my fledgling skills to help bring their creations to life….and slowly practice at what would become my career.”

What could you not live without?
“My brushes, can they collectively be called one tool?? As long as I have my brushes, I can create, whether I use makeup, fruit juice, dirt…you name it…anything can become makeup as long as I have my brushes.”

If you joined the circus what would you be doing there
“The idea of being in the spotlight is terrifying! I would probably be in the back managing the acts and sweeping up behind the elephants LOL! If I had to be on stage, I would be an assistant to an act…I would just stand there in a fabulous vintage dress while knives are being thrown at me!”

What does circus creative mean to you?
“Artistry is the DNA of the MAKE UP FOR EVER brand. We believe that if need support the artistic side of makeup, that the consumer will soon follow. To be involved with this makeup competition is second nature. We can’t wait to see what creations come of it. With the circus theme, the sky is the limit! I can’t wait to be inspired!”



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