Rae Morris – Stunning Makeup, Stunning Woman.

An inspiration to an industry, Rae Morris judges our cosmetics contest category Carnival Couture with a style of her own.
Rae Morris is a powerhouse in the makeup industry. Rae has published numerous books, been the makeup director for L’Oreal Paris Australia, and now has launched her own line of cosmetic tools and products.
Her work is stunning. What do you think?





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An interview from 2011

“Rae is not just a makeup artist, Rae is a brilliant person with a heart made from love — she just happens to be one of the most talented people I’ve ever met!!!
Her art is a performance, your face her stage. Whether it’s a colourfully enchanting opera or a mesmerising ballet – Rae will always play selflessly to her audience.”
Gok Wan, UK Fashion Expert


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