Natasha Kudashkina – Surreal Makeup and Body Paint

Natasha Kudashkina Designer, filmmaker, artist, visionary.

Natasha has been crafting exceptionally creative work in almost every medium imaginable for almost her entire life. With a belief that the whole world is a potential canvas, she has made her mark by taking the everyday world and altering it into something more fantastic.

Her style is vibrant, colorful, and creative. With her seemingly insatiable drive to create and the incredible depth of the worlds she she paints every day, one can’t help but wonder if she is not actually tapped into another realm altogether. A world where the standard rules of physics, shape and color simply don’t apply. A world so rich you will see something new appear every time you view it.

As a live performer, her canvases are transformed at an incredible pace. With body painting, her subject drastically changes form becoming a creature that has walked straight out of one of her paintings, bringing you one step closer to her realm as it moves closer to you.

She is an artist in the truest meaning of the word working with makeup, textiles, video, and numerous other media. We are proud to have her as a judge for the cosmetics contest category Body Art.


Photography by Misha Brockman




Photography by Ashlea Wessel
Model: Fiona


Photography Rhokin Studios
Model: Fredau H.


photography by N.Kudashkina
model: Maria

Submit your body painting works to her category or one of our other cosmetics, illustration, or photography categories here for a chance at some amazing prizes.

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