Best. Thing. Ever. Art unleashed.

Dark Angel One has an inspiring vision which is notable since he is legally blind with about 90% of his vision either gone, or damaged. His art is the epitome of tribute/fan art where he locates works that he admires greatly and animates them. Often he pairs these with music videos. All of it is completely non commercial.
Dark Angel also known as Red Hawk does not charge for his work ever. He credits when he can find the photographer. His deepest wish it to pay tribute to their talent and draw attention to the works.

“Finding people who did photo manipulation and .gif animation intrigued me, and I began to self teach myself these techniques in an attempt to duplicate the world as I was viewing it through my damaged sight. Along the way I found some pretty cool effects and techniques of manipulation.

The beauty of art saved my life. I was in a very bad place when I began my journey into blindness, it was the love of art that kept me going, and to be included and accepted by so many extremely talented artists, and accepted into their community still overwhelms me. This is all the compensation I could ever ask for.”

Photo by Hiro S. couture Hair Style Katsuya Kamo. Model Chiharu Okunugi_rev

Photographer Photo by Hiro S. couture
Hair Style Katsuya Kamo.
Model Chiharu Okunugi_rev

scott miron_01_rev

Photographer Scott Miron


Photographer unknown

Pszemek Dzienis_01

Photographer Pszemek Dzienis

Jessiann Gravel Beland by Louis Monteiro

Jessiann Gravel Beland
Photographer Louis Monteiro

Christian Hopkins_angel_morph_rev

Photographer Christian Hopkins

adam martinakis

Photographer Adam Martinakis

Vitaliy and Elena Vasilieva_10_rev

Photographer Vitaliy and Elena Vasilieva


Photographer unknown

Anton Belovodchenko _12

Photographer Anton Belovodchenko


Photographer unknown

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  • Lydia Purple

    an extremely talented man with a beautiful soul……

  • Irina Tonenco

    A talented man as Lydia said “with a great soul”.
    I really admire his work.

  • Bekkie Sanchez

    For being legally blind and doing such precise work I am even more amazed! His work (and the images he uses) are awesome! I support him on g+ and his work is enoyed by all. What this didn’t say was he’s very kind and gracious to his fans.