8 amazing photos and art

Our People’s Choice voting gallery is open. You can vote once a day for all the images you like. Simply create a free user name and you’ll have access to the Vote button. Here are just 8 of our amazing public submissions. Participation in the people’s choice is free for both voters and competitors. Submit to the contest today. Entries close on Nov 4th but the voting is happening now!

148_1409077760_140 Kok chin Ong

213_1412065425_189Tabbie Tabs via Jeff Beach

SONY DSCOlena Sullivan

90_1412269666_195Rob Hogarth

223_1412436091_204 Valerie ira Balmoris

SONY DSCOlena Sullivan

39_1393614139_59Daniel Jung

223_1412362763_203Valerie ira Balmoris

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