Rob Ford and Toronto’s Next Clown Mayor – What just happened?

We were almost NSFW with this post, but with the deletion of some incriminating evidence we think it’s safe now.

The recent withdrawal of cocaine controversial Rob Ford from the Toronto mayoral race changed the game for many but none more than the fringe candidate Dave McKay aka Sketchy the clown. Everyone thought the fight would be for votes amongst Doug Ford, John Tory, and Olivia Chow but what political analysts underestimated was how many millions of people were paying attention. When Rob Ford pulled out, many were left dissatisfied and bored. Before they lost interest completely they found controversial fringe candidate Sketchy. Sketchy was following Ford closely and assures us that he himself will not be pulling out.

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Consider Reykjavik’s former comedian mayor Jón Gnarr. Jón Gnarr has been heralded for his progressive and entertaining approach as a leader. While his campaign may have been a bit satirical, when he took office he got down to business and worked for the people.
3702-1-puzzled-by-iceland-jon-gnarr-500-bitarimagejongnarr2_gvaThe cross dressing Jón’s election was a clear message message to politicians that the people were embarrassed by bureaucrats and trusted this free thinking prankster more than anyone else. Here in Toronto it is the same.

184363_481938578530001_1251001177_n1978398_566051103492224_1582586826_oSketchy the clown has a surprisingly real chance to become Toronto’s next mayor. World politics are often defined by how much attention is directed to one candidate. Simply put the most internet likes and tweets will determine the cities next mayor as news oganizations start taking Sketchy’s platform seriously. Surprisingly it is a very honest and simple platform.
Sketchy is leading ahead of RoFo’s replacement Doug Ford.

So today we’re taking a controversial stand and declaring our official support and backing for Sketchy the Clown. It’s not common for a budding festival to dive into the world of city politics, and we may make enemies… but friends come first. Sketchy was a true friend to us for hosting the first North American Circus Competition a few months back. 10499357_10203245752999203_760081052689772362_o

Comedians such as Sketchy are specialists in identifying idiosyncrasies and problems within the fabric of our society. They reveal these flaws in their humor to remind the audiences that we’re not perfect. One of Sketchy’s campaign slogans is incredibly deep, though it sounds confusing at first. “The problem is broken”.
Many people ask, “What will this candidate do for me?” Jimmy Kimmel might ask which candidate will keep shocking us? With Sketchy we can expect both public service and entertainment. Sketchy has set out to educate the city on how things work, and talks about what really matters when trying to fix a broken problem. Opening this dialogue is a crucial part of his platform as it’s up to educated citizens to push for change and keep the politicians busy doing their job.

And now here’s a picture of Sketchy with his pants down. Remember he’s a vaudeville clown who entertains adults, who celebrates inclusiveness and equality.
He’s one of the directors of the low key but hilarious Toronto Festival of Clowns, and an active cabaret host all across the city.

Vaudeville clowns perform for adults who happen to make up 100% of the eligible electorate. Sketchy is not a role model for children, in fact he is a bit of a cautionary tale even for adults.

Sketchy is kind of like a politician. He gives speeches, shakes lots of hands and often makes promises he later realizes he can’t keep. Sketchy isn’t beholden to any political groups or orthodoxies. No groups or ideologies really want to be associated with him. That suits him well, he isn’t left wing or right wing, he is clown wing. Sketchy started off as not a serious contender for office, in fact he is rarely serious. However, he will be running a serious campaign.

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