VonWong’s T.O. Meet Up

Hello friends of Vonwong who attended his social event back in August 2014!

A month has gone by since Ben visited us all in Toronto and gave us such and awesome opportunity to meet one another, and shoot with his Mamiya Leaf Camera system, Fuji Camera, and his Broncolor gear.

In case you missed the post event video here it is.

*Video by Jennifer Martin of NuddyBar


(insert Troy McClure voice) I’m Andrew Miller. You might know me from such productions as the North American Circus Competition and A World of Circus Photo, makeup, and illustration Contest. I was pleased to bring to you the models, make up artists, and fire spinning at the social event and hope you all enjoyed it.
First thank you for making the models feel so welcome, and sharing your creative energy. You guys rock! Now let’s talk about the photo contest that went on.

A month has gone by, and the contest part of the meetup now continues! As announced, the people who shot the models have a chance at winning some prizes, like 3 Wacom Bamboo Stylus Duo Pens, and entry credits into the main photo contest.

Before you download the files linked below, here is a video explaining the how to use the .IIQ vs .EIP formats, as well as Capture One so everyone had an equal chance to enhance their images.

As a new addition to the contest we’re allowing for 2 types of edits.
Raw editing only – In order to see how you mastered the Broncolor lighting system and the Mamiya Leaf camera, you can only use Capture One to change your raw file settings to enhance you file. Straight process and submit a jpeg. We may request the settings file in capture one to prove no photoshop took place.

Ultimate Photoshop. -Where you can go as far as you want with photoshop and editing. Insert a Sin City Background behind model Tara Elliot, and Planet Xercion behind Gillykins…. we don’t care we just want it to be amazing.

To Edit these files you will require the FREE version of Capture One or better.
When launching the software you should only have to choose the Free DB Version (DB for Digital Back) and not neccesarily the 60 day trial or the Pro version (But those work as well). This is because the DB version accepts files that are .IIQ or .EIP.

The pictures and file names can be previewed here

The Raw Files From the event can be accessed by the competitors here.
*Please note: Only the person who’s name is on the file has any claim to copyright or use of the image. If it’s not yours, don’t touch it.
**The files are in a file format called .EIP
Watch this video to learn more.

When you’re image is ready to be submitted, here is how. Entries are due by November 4th.
1: Create an account at www.circuscompetition.com/contests
2: Upload your photo to the FREE category Captured Beauty.

That’s it. We know what to look for as they’re all the same subject matter.

You can also submit you images to other free categories and credit costing categories at the same time where applicable. We have a Body Art, and other cosmetics categories, as well as many creative photography one.

If you stuck around for the fire performance, you can submit your photos like Jeanne Pickles did to the Fire Photography category.

Special thanks to
Ben Von Wong
Make Up Artist Jocelyn Santos
Makeup Artist Nicole Zigler
Model Tara Elliot
Model Gillykins

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