Awesome things and Burningman – Part 1

Hello creative people. If you’ve not met me yet, my name is Andrew Miller and I’m a producer from this website, and also a photographer at
I put a variety of images in different galleries.
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Please enjoy the work I’m sharing and read the little article I wrote down below. And please share this blog around so I can get these photos to the owners of the art shown here. If you’re art is featured here, send me an email for a high rez version of your art.



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For five years I have bundled my things, and wound my way across the continent to line up with the thousands who enter playa. Each year I begin my journey into one of the greatest meccas of artistic energy known on earth. There I discover a literal circus world. I return to a community bound by cooperation and there I photograph great wonders.

If you do not yet already know, Burningman is a participant run event. The dominant source of art, culture, and creation is brought by the attendees themselves. Take for example the Alien Siege Machine art project seen in this photo.

Alien Siege Machine Burningman 2014

Alien Siege Machine Burningman 2014

This art piece assembled by a easily a monument worth several hundred thousand dollars in costs and labor. Then it was burned down in a glorious mock battle with a massive display of fireworks and explosions. Dozens of foot soldiers wielded handheld rockets that fired upon this alien invader, and a train of mutant art vehicles (worth hundreds of thousands of dollars themselves) raged around flinging fire at this threatening piece of art. I would say from birth to demise this project was a million dollar presentation primarily put on by attendees.

The Alien Siege Machine despite is name, is a great example of human co-operation and ingenuity to make something spectacular for the benefit of all.

Keep track of their project on their Facebook page. They previously build a giant Trojan horse which burned nicely as well.

Back to a more personal perspective, it is because of projects like this that I do what I do. I am building the North American Circus Competition, and A World of Circus art contest produced on this website. It’s to bring a community together so that they can build the art and industry that they wish they had. I’ve taken the leap and invested the last 2 years of my life constructing these projects, and they are in many ways my own personal Burningman art piece.

Andrew Miller


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  • Antonio Carito

    That battle shot is amazing! I can’t believe I missed it live. Looks like you had a great vantage point too. Good stuff!

  • J. Dee

    Speaking of hundreds of thousands of bucks is way too high. But showing Burning Man Art together with advertising on your page may cause some serious reactions of the BMO lawyers … be prepared to show your admittance and proof to use the stuff in commercial surroundings.

    • Andrew Miller

      Hey J.Dee
      I meant to reply to this sooner but the comments system had to be updated to protect the site.

      The hundreds of thousands of dollars was my personal estimate of what it would cost to contract an art piece and performance installation of this scale anywhere in the default world. In the twisted word of politics and government spending it would likely be commissioned for over a million. It’s worth is a intangible and perspective based thing, I was just trying to make a point :)

      Regarding the images and advertising, I was conscious of the platform for which I would deliver my photos. Facebook is an example of a website where advertising is rampant, copyright expropriated, and image use becomes exploited. I chose this blog because it’s more within my control, the advertising is unrelated to the content, and the audience is specific to creative artists who understand the content and for the most part respect the copyright.

      Also to reassure you I have been in constant contact with BMorg, sharing my images, discussing my release of them, and so on. I am a full time BMorg volunteer and it’s taken me 5 years to officially launch my portfolio as I researched the moral rights and wrongs of posting them. It is to my understanding that what I have done here is well within acceptable boundaries and my inquiries to the media mecca have not resulted in a request to take these down. That may change and I will happily comply when the time comes. I don’t imagine lawyers will come into play. Thank you for your concern and standing up for the burningman ethics! I respect enforcers.