6th Aerial Performance Tournament 2015

At the North American Circus Competition, we like to share news of other circus projects. Here is a great reason to go to Hong Kong.


11658883_10155784099375475_2004830505_oPole Paradise Studio is happy to announce the 6th Aerial Performance Tournament (APT) 2015 being held in Hong Kong.

The APT is now in its 6th year and is the first international combined aerial tournament including pole, aerial hoop and silks. Over the years the tournament has grown in strength from its humble beginnings in 2010. Starting off as a competition only open to Hong Kong residents and then going international in its second year (2011). In 2013, we introduced an amateur section and in 2014 we separated the sexes into their own separate categories.

Here are videos from our previous tournaments starting from 2011:

This year, 2015, is yet another milestone year for us.  We have decided to turn the event into a 2-day affair and we have also included “dance trapeze” as a new aerial spectacle which will be offered in all categories for both professional, amateur, men and women’s sections.11639781_10155713352630475_929339275_o(1)

There will be winners from each category then, from the professional winners, the one with the highest overall score will be crowned the Ultimate Aerial Champion.

Last year we had the most competitors ever, spanning over 17 countries. Judges and  professionals in their respective fields were invited to come to HK to judge and teach workshops including Lynn Coleman (USA, aerial silks) Alena Downs (Canada, pole), Marlo Fisken (USA, pole), Davide Zongoli (Italy, multiple aerial disciplines), and Rajesh Rao (India, World Mallakhamb champion).

Professional winners won automatic finalists positions in many other competitions in the UK, USA, Italy, South Korea, China, Australia and Russia. Over the last few years the Ultimate Aerial Champions have been offered an all expenses paid trip to judge a major competition in St. Petersburg, Russia.

For an amazing experience and the chance to get involved in this remarkable event please go to our website and enroll for your chance to submit a video to pass the video entry stage. All submissions forms and videos must be submitted by the 7th of August and finalists will be announced on the 14th of August. There is absolutely no entry fee and Pole Paradise Studio will even sponsor the visas required to enter (required by all non-HK residents, please note contestants are not permitted to enter and compete in HK on a tourist visa.)

All details can be found on the following link:

For any further enquiries do not hesitate to contact us on info@poleparadisestudio.com

We look forward to hearing from you and more importantly eager to have you compete on our international stage.

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