10 World of Circus photography finalists

We created a World of Circus contest to search for examples as we explored the thesis that sensational art can be incorporated into circus art. We opened Pandora’s box and we’ve only just begun. We created a photo category named after the contest, and these are the 10 finalists whose submissions focus on literal or figurative circus in our everyday lives.

This is our feature category and highest prize yielding category. Congratulations to all.

Olena Sullivan Red hoop

Red hoop
By: Olena Sullivan
Finalist in the World of Circus category.

Michael Mejia Leopard/Cheetah w/ Skulls

Leopard/Cheetah w/ Skulls
By: Michael Mejia
Finalist in the World of Circus category.

Ian Grindal untitled

Ian Grindal

Daniel Jung Roger Clown

Daniel Jung
Roger Clown

Sebastian Gonzalez TV

Sebastian Gonzalez

Shayne Gray White Dress

Shayne Gray
White Dress

Randi kristin Kvalvaagnes Submerged

Randi kristin Kvalvaagnes

Katelin Kinney Magician's Daughter

Katelin Kinney
Magician’s Daughter

Dracorubio In the Night He Came

In the Night He Came

Nicole Ziegler Poisonne

Nicole Ziegler

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