Circus Now – Right here, Right now.

Circus Now really needs your help in their donation drive. The cost of a Starbucks coffee will help them continue to change the face of Circus in the days to come.

In the world of circus I’ve learned there are predominantly 2 types of people.

The Creators
People who love doing something creative and passionate. They dive in head first to create performances, artworks, costumes, and form troupes of entertainers.

We all have a little artist in us but some have something extra to contribute.

The Facilitators
Those that have a vision or skill to elevate a group, an art form, or an industry. Circus now is filled with facilitators. Those with education, academic skill, marketing, management, and super political skills.

To highlight the difference between the two type…
-A Creator will create an artistic work and apply for a grant.
-A Facilitator came before that artist and made sure a grant was in place for that artist, and all generations that come after that artist.

As circus grows they are cultivating the garden to ensure a rich environment is there ahead of us.


Their fundraiser is called the “Help Circus Thrive Drive.”

They’re trying to raise $20k by November 20th in order to fund their operations as they continue to make great strides. Right now they’ve raised a little over $9000 and have 9 days left to reach their goal.

Here is more information about the drive:

You can donate here:

or become a member here:

And here’s a video saying all that we do:

Do the best thing you can for circus. Support Circus Now.

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